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  1. Words So Weak

From the recording Recordings From My Living Room

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Words So Weak

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Flo Perlin and I began writing this over Skype (she lives in England) a couple of years ago. I finished it last years while walking through the Redwood forest.

Words so weak
If love can't be spoken
Why bother to speak?


So I'll paint a picture and try to express
The thundering silence inside of my chest
I'll write a song and hope that you hear
beneath every word, there is something real

Words so strong
But even the right ones
Still feel pretty wrong

How can shapes express
The joy of a birth
Or the anguish of death?

So i'll paint a picture and try to explain
The thundering silence that my heart contains
I'll write a song and hope that you feel
Beneath all these words, there is someone real.

Words get in the way
Of everything I need to say:
I love you
I miss you
Thank you
I'm sorry

I'll do my best
To not crowd the silence
With my nervousness